Touchscreen Eraser
Replacement Blade
(Sold in Packs of 2 for $5.95)

When your Smudger Touchscreen Eraser™ is ready for a fresh new replacement blade, all it takes is a slide and a snap…it’s that easy.

After extended use, our patent pending brushed microfiber blades can be purchased separately as a way to refresh your Smudger Touchscreen Eraser™. Simply slide the new blade into the base. Truly a smart and economical way of keeping your Smudger Touchscreen Eraser™ fresh and new.

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How to Replace the Blade

Removing Blade

1. Simply grab the fabric tip and firmly pull the blade out of the base.

Inserting New Blade

2. Insert and firmly push the new blade into the base until it is secure.

Smudger Microfiber Blades are made with our signature heavy duty brushed fabric that has been developed to easily withstand several hundred wipings - and then some. So you can be assured there is no need to replace your blade until it begins to show extensive wear and tear.