Q. How does the Smudger Touchscreen Eraser™ work?

A. Simply wipe the fabric tip across your touchscreen. Use short quick wiping motions in a variety of directions–similar to erasing a chalkboard. Then see how our signature, heavy duty fabric does all the work. The ribs in the fabric lift and trap fingerprints, dust and oils. You’ll be amazed how it even gets down in the nooks and edges of your touchscreen device. It’s easy, smart and just plain fun to use.

Q. On what surfaces does the Touchscreen Eraser work?

A. The Touchscreen Eraser was designed specifically to clear fingerprints and smudges from glossy touchscreen devices. For heavier grime and build up, we recommend using your manufacturer’s cleaning method (such as a dampened, lint-free cloth). Then let the Touchscreen Eraser do what it does best–keep you smudge-free on the go. The eraser works best on your original glossy screen without a screen protector. And remember, Smudger Touchscreen Eraser allows you to enjoy your original screen the way it was meant to be viewed: crisp, clear and smudge-free.

Q. Do you need to use a cleaning solution or water with the Touchscreen Eraser?

A. You’ll be glad to know that no water or chemicals are needed. The sleekness of the fabric, along with the ribbed texture, does all the work. It attracts smudges and fingerprints, lifting them off the surface, leaving your device polished and clean. That’s the whole reason the Touchscreen Eraser™ was created…to solve the problem of needing sprays and chemicals. It’s your pocket-sized answer to having a beautiful view on your touchscreen everywhere you go.

Q. How is the Touchscreen Eraser™ different from other cleaners on the market?

A. The convenience of having the Touchscreen Eraser™ with you everywhere you go sets it apart. There is no other product on the market this small and sleek that slips right into your pocket and doesn’t require any chemicals or sprays. No matter where you are, you’ll enjoy a great view of your videos, apps and games. And you’ll have smudge-free confidence when sharing your photos.

Q. What devices does the Touchscreen Eraser™ clean?

A. The great thing about the Touchscreen Eraser™ is that it works on just about any glossy touchscreen device. From an iPhone© to an iPad©, from a Droid to a Kindle Fire, you’ll be amazed at all the uses you’ll find for the Touchscreen Eraser™. A better question might be, which touchscreen device doesn’t it work on?

Q. Where can I buy a Smudger Touchscreen Eraser™?

A. Currently, the Touchscreen Eraser™ is only available through smudger.com. To purchase one, click here. If you are a retailer and would like to offer the product through your store contact us here.
Currently Smudger® is only available in the USA and no shipments are made outside of the USA.