About Smudger

When Kevin Smith went to share a photo of his wife and daughters on his iPad®, he became frustrated that the screen was covered with fingerprints and smudges. He realized he was missing the shiny new, perfectly clear touchscreen he fell in love with when he used it for the very first time.

He began the journey to get back that beautiful view he fell in love with. That’s how the
Smudger Touchscreen Eraser™ became a reality. “I wanted something on the go that I could have at all times – anywhere, to quickly clear my touchscreen.”

As a graphic designer and product developer, Kevin’s obsession over tiny details and sleek materials make the Touchscreen Eraser™ exceptionally smart, beautifully sleek and just plain fun to use. It’s one of those gadgets you instantly love.

At Smudger, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful view, and we promise the
Smudger Touchscreen Eraser™ will give you back that “first love” moment, everywhere you go.

Enjoy a beautiful view!