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Swipe your way to a fresh clean screen

Smudger® Touchscreen Eraser is a pocket size, reusable eraser for you and your family that allows you to instantly swipe away unwanted fingerprints and smudges from your tablets and smartphones - on the go.
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Tuck it in your pocket or purse. The Touchsceen Eraser™ is so small and discreet you won’t even know it’s there until you need it. Go ahead and take it everywhere.
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Use your Touchscreen Eraser™ with short quick wiping motions in a variety of directions -- similar to erasing a chalkboard. It’s easy, smart, and just plain fun to use.
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The fabric tip is replaceable! When your Smudger Touchscreen Eraser™ is ready for a fresh new replacement blade, simply insert a new fabric blade into the eraser’s base.
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"I am a clean freak and I love my Smudger!"

Jeri S. (Ohio)

"I just got my Smudger in the mail and I love it!"

Andy K. (California)

"I used it on my iPhone and the fingerprints came right off! Didn’t even have to try hard"

Josh F. (Ohio)

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